Hudson Current article by Eugene Molero, August 28th, 2003

There are factual errors in this, such as we havent been around for years, and arent from Hudson County.

Playing pure basic rock-and-roll has been Skyline Rodeo's style since they formed a couple of years ago in Hudson County. Four guys patiently waiting for their 15 minutes (or more) of exposure, Rodeo will perform at Maxwell's in Hoboken on Aug. 29.

They tour the local club circuit scene relentlessly, and lead singer Morgan Chen works tirelessly to put his band in the limelight. Their sound is unique, yet reminiscent of early '90s garage rockers.

After the Maxwell's gig, Chen and bandmates Mikey Alfano (bass), Joe D. (drummer), and Stephen Bumgarner (guitar) will keep performing and working on their projects, which include a new album. We recently caught up with Chen.

EM- Where are you from?

MC - I am from New Jersey via New York via Connecticut via Taiwan via China.

EM - Who are your influences?

MC - Benjamin Franklin, Lao Tse, Satan.

EM - Why did you become a musician?

MC - I think sometimes it is a requisite? No really, it's because it feels good.

EM - Where have you performed?

MC - As a kid, the Metropolitan Opera House and Edward H. Bryan School. All grown up, at The Court Tavern, Maxwell's, Melody Bar, Uncle Joe's, the Brighton Bar, the Saint, the Budapest, the High Hat Lounge, Tumulty's Pub, Somerset Inn, and the Dead End.

EM - What is your favorite day of the week?

MC - It really ends up being whatever day I have off.

EM - What are the last three songs you've downloaded?

MC - Mobb Deep's "Survival of the fittest," Shychild's "TV tunnel," Thingy's "My room has a t.v."

EM - How would you describe your music?

MC - Good enough for the herds of masses. No really... maybe the usual post-Fugazi stuff with some of this and that.

EM - Are you looking for mainstream exposure?

MC - In a White Stripes/Nirvana way? Sure. In a Britney Spears way? Uh.....sure.

EM - What professional plans do you have for the future?

MC - (Sigh) If nothing musically happens, I'll just rip and tear my way to the top of upper management, stepping and squashing any puke that gets in my way, all the while playing my little shows and acquiring a weekend warrior complex, before slowly realizing the cosmic shame of never acquiring the dream a little dream, until I completely lose my mind when I actualize the pain that will have become my life. Either that or I'll be a farmer. You know. Sow the land. Plant the seed.

EM - What is the best part about your job?

MC - As a real estate photographer, I have to drive to strange places in New Jersey to take pictures of properties. My favorite part of my job is just turning the van off and taking a 20 minute safety sleep break. At least once an hour.

Skyline Rodeo performs with The Stuntcocks, The Rosario Focus, and Spiral Jetty at Maxwell's at 1039 Washington St. in Hoboken on Aug. 29 at 9 p.m. Tickets are $7. For information call (201) 653-1703 or visit or

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