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Skyline Rodeo is a quartet of indie math noise rock with a unique pop sensibility that is the result of hard work and good times. Hard work yields both the signature spastic and more melodic styles of post-punk. Good times are just part of the undeniable charm and magic.

Formed out of several defunct New Brunswick, NJ bands, Skyline Rodeo draws comparisons to their forefathers in Fugazi, the Pixies, and Sonic Youth. While the parallels are an obvious and intimidating mix of premium inspiration, the music on their debut album “Long Drive To Iceland” begs for a chance to be judged on its own.

This post-punk four piece sputters behind them an exhaust smelling of dim lit basements and beer soaked stages that has dragged them to such areas as the good natured prudence of the Midwest, the starry eyed hopes of their backyard in NYC, and the warm hospitality of the South. A national fall tour falls on the plate in support of the album as well as plans for a quick follow-up sophomore LP.

Skyline Rodeo knows that the journey exceeds the destination, and have coaxed and hammered their own sound from experience and continual growth. It's a philosophy echoing off the high-rise condo developments and the sheer face of the corporate parks, but rather than trudge heavily, they shake off any deeper meaning with a laugh and enjoy a cold bottle of cheap beer.

Steve Bumgarner
10B Kent St.
Somerset, NJ 08873

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