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July 2002 - Morgan leaves Slow Wire, looking for a new band in the New Brunswick area.

(l-r):Christopher Rousseau, Joe Dingerdissen, Steve Bumgarner, Morgan Chen

August 2002 - Dewey Defeated breaks up, leaving Steve and Joe temporarily bandless.

September 2002 - Morgan answers ad, starts practicing with Steve and Joe. They begin composing instant classics such as "Live Free or Die" and "Fire in the Hole".

October 2002 - Attempt #1 at a bass player doesnt work, still looking for bass player.

November 2002 - Start rationalizing to ourselves "hey, maybe we dont need a bass player, we'll turn the bass knobs up on our amps." We're stupid.

December 2002 - Steve gets email from Mike, saying he's interested in playing bass for this unnamed project.

January 2003 - Mike shows up, plays well, seems to like it, and suddenly is in the band. Still no name; "Baker's Cousin" and "Phil from Marketing" are the best ideas on the table. Not good times.

February 2003 - The set starts to come together. Shows begin to be booked, including Maxwells. Still no name. Goddamnit.

March 9th, 2003 - We have to get a name - Maxwells is going to kick us off bill without one. Morgan has a list of names - Skyline and Rodeo happen to be next to each other. We put it together, no one hates it for the first time in this naming process, thus we are Skyline Rodeo from this day forth.

March 18th, 2003 - First show at the Dead End, which is also where we practice. Its like people are watching us practice. Good times had by all, The Slats say we put on the best first show they ever saw. Sounds like they havent seen that many first shows, but nice words nonetheless.

June 2003 - We record our first EP, a 3 song affair.

October 2003 - Skyline Rodeo EP is released, watch out world!

January 2004 - Took our first road trip down to Richmond, VA. We play this huge house party and Joe D. disappears in a bar across the street for a couple of hours after we play. We find him, and then we drink.

March 2004 - Hey hey, we got a van and we're going to Ohio and DC. The van makes it until we get right outside of Baltimore on the way home. It just won't start for at least an hour, so we call Triple A. They proceed to inform us the cost of towing back to NJ (we only considered this because we had to work the next day), leaving us temporarily broke in our minds. But Morgan says "give me one more chance and I'll get us home". Sure enough, he turns the key, the engine starts and we're on our way. We actually made it back. Un-fucking-believable. The only bad part is Morgan thinks we have to take his advice on everything moving forward.

July 2004 - Start recording our full-length in Poughkeepsie, NY. Really cool studio, good times had by all. A dramatic reading of "Barely Legal" ensues. Alistair Cooke would be proud.

October 2004 - Finally finish recording and mastering. Took a little longer than we thought, but hopefully it was worth it. If not, well, kiss our collective ass.

January 2005 - Chris Rousseau joins the team on bass duties, we play our first show in a matter of weeks. Take that slow integration!

March 2005 - Our debut CD “Long Drive to Iceland” is released to critical acclaim and flooded rock clubs.

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