Skyline Rodeo

7.6.06 | OK, so we let it happen again, but this time we have an awesome excuse. Just finished mixing a song for an upcoming 7" that will hopefully have a B-side with another band hailing from the mountain of Awesomeness. We're also getting very close to beginning the recording process for the full-length, that should be out late this year, early next. Have some shows this summer, come check em out. Thanks.

4.17.06 | It's been awhile since we last wrote, we won't let it happen again. Had a good interview in Chorus and Verse, check it out. Playing the always amazing WE Fest this year—I recommend everyone spend their Memorial Day in Wilmington, NC and make it a big party. Plus they have Chik-Fil-A down there, and thats just good eatin'. Still on track to record the next record this summer, it will either be our greatest record yet or our second record yet, haven't decided at this time. Anywho, thanks for coming to the shows this spring and we'll see you soon.

2.18.06 | We have new songs. We want to record them soon. Hoping for a double album, one disc containing the new songs, the other containing random samples of toilets flushing. It's art, dude, get over it. New pics in the pics section, new reviews in the reviews section, check it out. We also are playing in New Brunswick after quite awhile, March 24th at the Court Tavern. Risk Relay will also be joining us after their 1-year hiatus spent trying to convince us all that even though it tastes like butter, it really isn't. Don't miss it.

1.2.06 | Happy New Year! (Unless you don't follow the Gregorian calendar system in which case we wish you a general, non-specific message of cheer) 2006 should produce new records, new tours, maybe even new pictures on the pics page! Thanks to everyone who came out to a show in 2005, especially those of you who braved the Wednesday night residency at Death Disco in December, great to see so many friends make it out. We'll see you soon.

11.27.05 | I gotta hand it to Richmond, they know how to throw down. Thanks to Sammy P and the Single Spies gentleman for setting up the show and letting us crash/party/drink assorted beverages out of a Central American monkey goblet. Thanks also to the drunk guys singing the National Anthem during Borne's set, it really complimented the intricate ambient music quite well.

10.29.05 | Des Moines to New Brunswick is a long drive. Just wanted to clear that part up. Our tour is complete and we had a blast, meeting lots of cool people and seeing very different parts of the country. I highly recommended doing it. Thanks to everyone who came out and hopefully we'll get ourselves back out there ASAP.

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