9.15.05 | Tour, tour, tour. Tour, tour, tour, tour. Just wanted to give you a glimpse into our minds these last few weeks. We're gearing up and ready to play. Here are the dates:

  • 10/21/05 - The Fire - Philadelphia, PA
  • 10/22/05 - Night Light - Chapel Hill, NC
  • 10/23/05 - Willard House - Blacksburg, VA
  • 10/24/05 - The Hideaway - Johnson City, TN
  • 10/25/05 - The 5 Spot - Nashville, TN
  • 10/26/05 - The Setlist - Warrensburg, MO
  • 10/27/05 - Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN
  • 10/28/05 - Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA

Come out to the shows. We'll love you forever. Thanks.

8.3.05 | Sorry for the lack of news postings recently, as you can see from the shows page we have been very busy trying to book our fall tour. We already have dates booked in Minneapolis and Iowa courtesy of friends The Slats. If you can help with any of the dates that have not been booked, feel free to drop us a line here—any help would be greatly appreciated. In other more significant news, congratulations are in order to Morgan and Kate on the birth of their son this past Sunday. Perhaps in 15 years Skyline Rodeo will be a five-piece. Thanks.

6.13.05 | Skyline Rodeo is hitting the Road-e-o. That was dumb, sorry. We have a show in Boston, Saratoga Springs, NY, and hopefully somewhere else next weekend, but not before playing the Dead End barbeque revival this Saturday. Food, beer, music - the only thing I can think of that's better is banned in 37 states. We also have two new songs in the set, debuted last night at the Brighton Bar. Come out and let us play our new songs for you, they are the songs that make the world want to sing. Thanks.

5.4.05 | You may have noticed we used to have a show on the site for June 18th at Uncle Joe's with Aviso Hara. Unfortunately, this show is no more as the club is suddenly no more. This is a huge blow to New Jersey music. Uncle Joe's was a great place for up-and-coming interesting rock bands to play, a niche that needs to be filled as soon as possible.

4.7.05 | It feels as though there is tons going on, but yet little to write about. We're busy with lots of shows, CD promotion, booking a June mini-tour to the north and hopefully a end of summer week-long tour to the midwest. Visit the shows page for more details; we have some great bills coming up with good friends and musicians. Thanks.

3.15.05 | Huge thanks to everybody who made it out to to the CD release party at the Court. I couldn't believe the response - I believe the night officially sold out. We also unloaded a bunch of CDs, also a good thing. I'd also like to take a moment to welcome our new bass player Christopher. He's been playing with us for a few months now, so bad on me for not mentioning it sooner. We will have some new pictures up soon, so you can see what he looks and harass him if you see him out. Lots of shows coming up, hope to see you there. Thanks.

2.7.05 | Thank you to everyone who came out to Uncle Joe's on Saturday night. I can't remember the last time a club got so packed by 9:30 and then everyone stayed until after the last band. All the bands were terrific, crowd was great—couldn't ask for a better night. We're off to balmy Boston this weekend, but after that we will be preparing for the big CD release party at the Court on March 5th. Hope to see you there.

1.7.05 | Happy New Year everyone. CD's back next week after a slight delay (gosh darn it!), but we do have some cool shows coming up—including a CD release on March 5th in New Brunswick— that you should definitely attend. Trust me. We also updated the bio page; it's pretty nonsensical but fun to reminisce about times of yore. In more serious news, there are a lot of people in the world who desperately need help these days, please donate what you can. Thanks.

12.8.04 | Sometimes you have something to say, and sometimes you just feel like writing something. Today's posting falls in the latter category. We're waiting for the CD now, hopefully we'll have the things in our hands in a couple of weeks. Its about f'n time. Sorry for the lack of shows recently (or, if you hate us, you're welcome!), but we have some very cool things in the works for 2005. Have a good holidays and we'll see you later.

10.31.04 | By reading this news page you might be thinking "Where were you?!?! We thought you were in a ditch somewhere!" Yes, we've been laying low, focusing on finishing the record. We just got back the master and are about a week away from sending it off to the presses. As for shows, we're just lying low on that front as well, but we've got lots of things lined up for 2005. Look for a CD release party in mid January and a flurry of shows following. New songs are being written as we speak, so that's moving along as well. More details soon about the record - you can here a few tracks over at and we will post a few on this site shortly. Thanks.

8.8.04 | Record is getting very close to being done, we have a few more mix sessions, followed by mastering and pressing. Looks like we're going to do a CD release sometime in November, we'll keep you posted on all that. Tentative title is "Long Drive to Iceland". Tentative tracklist is:

  1. Peppermint Patty
  2. George Bailey Complex
  3. Trim the Fat
  4. Cliches Work
  5. Advent of Indie Yuppie
  6. Tomorrow I'm Self-Aware
  7. Fire in the Hole (yes, again)
  8. My Commercial
  9. Rubber Chicken Circuit
Of course this probably means nothing to most of you, but if it does I hope you're excited, its coming out pretty well if we do say so ourselves. Thanks.

7.2.04 | Its been a quiet summer as far as shows are concerned, but we've been working hard on getting ready to record starting next weekend. Also booking a lot of shows for the fall, with hopefully a small midwestern tour panning out. Time to get this Rodeo on the road! Enjoy your July 4th. Thanks.

5.14.04 | It's official, we will be recording our first full-length record this summer. Hopefully it will be come out this fall, but stranger things have happened. It should be a ten-song effort. We'll keep you posted on all the uninteresting details. Thanks.

3.30.04 | I'm not afraid to say it, we rocked both Ohio and DC. We'll post a few pics of the trip soon. The new van was awesome, right up until it stalled for a little bit outside Baltimore. We listened to Morgan who swore he could get us home, and gosh darn it, he did. However, this doesnt mean we're changing the band name to "Eat Shit and Pie". We have a full weekend ahead of us, 2 shows in 2 rocking locations (NYC, New Brunswick). Go to the shows page for details. Thanks.

3.9.04 | Being from the South, St Patrick's Day has never seemed like that big of a deal. Maybe you wore a green shirt. Maybe you didn't. But the point is, up here above the Mason Dixon line its quite a cause for celebration. Apparently Hoboken celebrates it earlier than the rest of us following the standard Gregorian calendar. Subsequently, Maxwells was f'n packed on Saturday. Made for a fun time, but seeing a line around the block reminded me of the time ... wait, I've never seen that at Maxwells before. Wacky stuff. Anywho, come to the Somerset Inn this weekend, should be fun. Thanks.

3.3.04 | Good times had by all at the Charleston last Saturday. I've had mixed experiences there in the past, but on this particular night we had a lot of fun. Dirtygirl, Mason Dixon, and Sabado Domingo made for a great bill. People came and stayed for the entire night as well, an occurence becoming frighteningly rare these days. Not that I'm bitter. Anywho, big thanks to Jim Testa for inviting us. There's also a few new things on the site - two new reviews, a fancy poll on the music page. One last thing, come to Maxwells on Saturday night. Thanks.

2.27.04 | Damn we're busy. We have quite a few shows coming up in several different areas of the Eastern US. Writing lots of new material with the hopes of recording the full-length this summer. I guess that doesn't sound like much. Maybe I'm just complaining. I should stop talking. See you soon.

2.3.04 | Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this weekend, we had a blast in Jersey City and Richmond playing with a bunch of incredible bands (All the Dead Pilots, Single Spies, Black Heart Valentine, We Are Childhood Equals). Special thanks to Matt from Single Spies for letting us crash at his place. We have a run of shows coming up end of February/early March, should have another 1 or 2 new songs in addition to the new one, "George Bailey", we debuted this weekend. Thanks, and hope to see everyone soon.

1.5.04 | Happy New Year everyone. We got a cool show at Uncle Joe's coming up at the end of the month, featuring All the Dead Pilots from Baltimore and Single Spies from Richmond (featuring ex-members of The Can Utility). Then, we'll be going down the next day to play in Richmond with Single Spies. Good times will be had by all. See the shows page for more details. Thanks.

12.13.03 | Due to last weekend's major snowstorm, the Dec 6th Robyn Hitchcock show at Maxwells was cancelled. Guess when they rescheduled? Thats right, January 9th, meaning our show will be cancelled. We are not able to play the make up date, so we will not be playing this year's Amp Fest. We do have an out of town adventure in the works for the end of January, and we'll work on getting something local soon. Have a happy holidays. Thanks.

12.4.03 | Its official, no more shows for 2003. We are making a lot of progress in the song writing department though, so hopefully the set will get a needed refresh come early 2004. We have a show at Maxwells the second weekend of January, more details to follow. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows this year - the first 9 months as a band has gone better than we could have expected. Have a good holidays and see you next year. Thanks.

11.19.03 | Although you'd never know it from the lack of news postings, we've been really busy lately. Writing new songs, taking some new pics (some posted, more to be posted soon), getting a press kit ready to send our CD out to unsuspecting potential listeners, stuff like that. We have a show this Friday with two pretty cool bands, check it out if you're in the New Brunswick area. Don't know what the show schedule is for the rest of the year after Friday, might just keep focused on song writing, keep working towards whats already shaping up to be a big 2004. We'll see what happens. Thanks.

10.27.03 | Thanks to everyone who made the trek to Maxwells on Saturday, I feel the CD release was a big success. The disc will be available at shows from now on for $3 ($1/song, passing the savings on to you). Speaking of shows, we have a great once upcoming at Uncle Joe's this Saturday, go here for more details. Thanks again, we really appreciate everyone's support.

10.20.03 | The CDs are in my hand - like Irene Cara says, "What a Feelin'". They will be available for a low, low price this Saturday at Maxwells, a show you should definitely attend. The world will never be the same again.

10.1.03 | Wow, last night was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came out. The Can Utility and Denovo are two incredibly tight bands who write very good songs. You should definitely check out both bands soon. So we got confirmation that the discs will be shipped on October 13th, which means we will definitely have them for the CMJ show. If you ever were going to go to a show, we'd appreciate greatly if you went to that one. We go on first at 10PM, more details on the shows page.

9.29.03 | We were asked to play the CMJ Fest this year, the date is Oct. 25th at Maxwells. We go on first at 10PM, more details soon. The other good news is that the CDs should be back by then, so they will be available at the show. Woohoo. More news later, its goin home time.

9.12.03 | The new site launches today, hope everyone enjoys the new look. Most of the pages have content, a few things will come in time (such as reviews and what not). If anything appears to not work for you, send me an email at What else is going on? Well, we have a few shows coming up this month, go to the shows page for more details. We recently recorded a 3 song EP - its back from the mastering plant and we are frantically working to get the artwork out, look for a release by end of year. So anywho, I should go back to the job that pays my bills, but keep checking here for the latest news. Or something.

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